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    Question Movie Making Problems!

    I'm having an odd problem with MS Movie Maker. This is my first time using it, but so far it's seemed pretty straight forward and user friendly. However, there's something strange that keeps happening that I can't figure out.

    I captured a video from VHS with ADSTech CapWiz and imported into Movie Maker. No problem there. I lined each clip on the timeline as it should be. Played the movie through the timeline, and everything went smooth and all was in place -- all edits worked as I meant them to.

    So I save the movie, choose best quality, and then it's a different story. When I play the same movie, suddenly it skips one scene, and there's another scene at the end that I had deleted during editing -- it's back in the movie! In fact, there's one huge chunk missing. This befuddles me as it played perfectly before I saved it; it's only after I saved it that this happens.

    I tried it again several different times to double- and triple-check myself. Again, everything on the timeline is as it should be and plays out properly. But save the file, play the .wmv, and the same scene is missing and the same deleted scene added back.

    Any advice?

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    Are you using MM2?
    Sorry to ask the obvious... but have you saved your project first before saving it as a movie?

    Anyway, this site might not be the best place to ask such question, so try:

    Note: The latter also suggests a method to apply a "reverse effect" to a video (a member here asked about it a few weeks ago, I don't remember who).

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