Operating System Security Teaching

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Thread: Operating System Security Teaching

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    Operating System Security Teaching

    I was just wondering what everyone's view is on whether or not operating system security should be include as a core teaching area in an operating system class or whether it should be more for specialized security classes ?

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    When I took Operating Systems there was a chapter on Security. I believe that was a good way of doing it. Security is partof the OS itself at times, so it should be at least a chapter. I wa shappy with the way mine went.

    You should put this in the Operating system forum, it belongs there.

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    Today's kids and teens are in a world with major communication and productivity channels open to them and they don't have the knowledge to defend themselves against the fraud, identity theft, privacy leaks and other attacks made against them just for using the Internet. This is the reason for Hacker Highschool.

    Lesson 01 - Being a Hacker
    Lesson 02 - Windows and Linux
    Lesson 03 - Ports and Protocols
    Lesson 04 - Services and Connections
    Lesson 05 - System Identification
    Lesson 06 - Malware (Viruses, Trojans, etc.)
    Lesson 07 - Attack Analysis
    Lesson 08 - Digital Forensics
    Lesson 09 - E-mail Security and Privacy
    Lesson 10 - Web Security and Privacy
    Lesson 11 - Passwords
    Lesson 12 - Internet Legalities and Ethics
    The Lemonhead Effect
    By Soda
    When I was in middle school, we had a D.A.R.E. program. To promote the program, a PTA lady handed out fun size bags of Lemonheads at lunch with a little D.A.R.E. tag attached. Nobody ate their Lemonheads, and the next passing period was a Lemonhead warzone.

    Quote PTA Lady:
    Moral of the story:
    Do you trust the students with what you are providing them with? Is it worth beefing up your network to host X # of hackers? (in my HS, about 3000)

    All it takes is one smartass to distribute a rootkit before you've got problems all over the place. The reason this is different than something like Drivers ED is that you have to be educated in the blackhat prespective in order to understand the white. You are taught potentially destructive information and expected to handle it ethically.

    How many unethical people did you know in High School?

    Utter chaos! So whats the alternative?

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