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    i found this: http://www.foundrynet.com/solutions/...tiSlammer.html about a SQL worm (slammer)
    and this: http://www.giac.org/practical/HsiangRen_Shih_GCIH.doc about an Apache worm (slapper)

    I confess that i didnt read them totatly, so ....
    Meu sítio

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    Thanks to everybody for the cooperation!

    I've learnt much about the multicast function.
    Sorry if i was inappropriate at the file names. I mean paint.exe as mspaint.exe.

    I begint to gather the filenames which try to multicast.

    1. As I experienced the requests of the programs "popups" randomly and independently of using them.

    2. The requesting programs had no trace in the project manager even in the service manager.

    3. I've looked around, others had same experience but it is not common working oft the windows XP.
    4. I'm using the XP with default network settings.

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