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Thread: A Silent Moment or two

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    A Silent Moment or two


    Today Being December 3 ...............and this day mark the 20th anniversary of the world's worst industrial accident, at Bhopal in India.............that has killed 20,000 people till date..............The ones that died on that dreaded day were the lucky ones because they were relieved of the suffering..........the ones that were left behind were left to die a slow painful agonising life that is worse than death.

    The accident at Union Carbide's pesticide plant in Bhopal in 1984 killed 8000 people immediately and injured at least 150,000. It remains the worst industrial disaster on record, and the victims are still dying. The company paid $470 million compensation to a trust in 1989. The survivors say they received around $500 each and claim the clean-up efforts were inadequate

    Read the full Article HERE
    Union Carbide caused the world's worst industrial disaster in Bhopal in 1984. Thousands died that night but the effects of the toxic gas have killed 20,000 people to date and one person a day dies in Bhopal due to the lasting effects of the disaster.

    Dow Chemical, since its merger with Union Carbide in 2001, has refused to assume these liabilities, despite the fact that over 20,000 people in vicinity of the Union Carbide factory continue to be poisoned by toxic chemicals in the groundwater and soil contamination.

    In fact, in a recent memo to all employees, the CEO of Dow Chemical, Michael Parker, states categorically, "But what we cannot and will not do - no matter where Greenpeace takes their protests and how much they seek to undermine Dow’s reputation with the general public - is accept responsibility for the Bhopal accident."

    New evidence indicates Union Carbide installed a poorly designed factory and cut costs to compromise on safety and maintenance systems. Dow says it wants to be a "responsible corporate citizen" and that "protecting the people and the environment must be part of everything we do and every business decision we make". It is difficult to see how Dow can claim to be a sustainability leader while not accepting responsibility to address the continuing tragedy in Bhopal

    Read the Full Article HERE .
    And the ones responsible are hiding in their Cozy homes in United states..

    And how does DOW respond it sues the remaning Survivors...........Slaps a few lawsuits on them.

    Dow obviously has other ideas because they are suing survivors for about US$10,000 for "loss of work". That's US$10,000 compensation demanded for a two hour peaceful protest where only one Dow employee briefly ventured out of the Mumbai corporate business park to meet the women protestors.

    Read teh Complete Article HERE

    Explore the abandoned Union Carbide Plant in Bhopal

    BBC Article on the tragedy --> : Bhopal remembers toxic gas leak

    Soem fresh Evidences By UN suggest that the ground water is still polluted there .................DOH refuses these claims

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    Yeah, this is sad, because several of these countries don't have laws, regulations, policies and procedures when it comes to saftey. I remember watching this story on the History or the NG channel. Most of the worlds tankers and other large vessels retire in a giant "ship-breaking yard" in India, they have these guys out there cutting them up with blowtorches. Not to mention these tankers still have left over petroleum products in them, and the Indian Gov lets them do it with few laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Speaking of fire codes, laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Indian school blaze kills at least 84.

    China needs to implement codes, laws, regulations, policies and procedures as well. Mineworkers killed in accidents is close to 10,000.

    DOWPharma and chemical needs to do the right thing.
    Toxic Hotspots

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    And some shithead is trying to see fun in this

    Playing shitty games...........

    "Today I am very, very happy to announce that, for the first time Dow is accepting full responsibility for the Bhopal catastrophe," company spokesman Jude Finisterra is supposed to have told BBC World television.

    Read the complete Article here
    This was a joke someone played on a BBC Show when he clamed that Dow has clamed full responsibility.

    "This morning at 9 GMT, (and at) 10 GMT, BBC World ran an interview with someone purporting to be from the Dow Chemical Company about Bhopal," the BBC said on its latest news bulletin.

    "This information was inaccurate, part of an elaborate deception. The person did not represent the company. We want to make it clear the information he gave was entirely inaccurate."
    Read the Complete ArticleHERE
    People take pleasure in weird thighs ...............i mean look at all those people who had suffered this disaster and they heard this news that they have accepted responsibility and the next moment they hear no he was lying.................. sad this is freaking sad

    And before Someone Jumps and points that all the news article are form Greenpeace ..............i know a few people don't trust them ....................so i will give soem Non-Greenpeace Articles on the subject

    Bhopal the Story So far

    December 2-3, 1984:�Methyl isocynate gas leaks from the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, killing 2,000 people instantly.

    December 4, 1984: The Bhopal police files its first information report.

    December 7, 1984: Union Carbide Chairman Warren Anderson, the prime accused, and eight others are arrested. Anderson is released on bail of Rs 25,000.

    December 1, 1987: The Central Bureau of Investigation files chargesheets against Anderson and 11�others including Union Carbide (USA), Union Carbide (Eastern) Hong Kong, and Union Carbide India Limited, the Indian subsidiary.

    Summons are served on Anderson and Union Carbide.

    July 6, 1988: The Bhopal chief judicial magistrate issues a non-bailable arrest warrant against Anderson for repeatedly ignoring summons.

    February 14-15, 1989: While the issue of interim compensation is being heard before the Supreme Court, Union Carbide and the Indian government strike a deal, under which the company pays a compensation of $470 million. In return,�criminal charges are withdrawn against the company.
    So much and so little for the actual victims .....................and now it's heartning to see the actual victims rising and demanding justice.................they at least deserv a fair trail.

    Union Carbide's management still hasn't been brought to trial, because the United States turned down extradition attempts.
    BHOPAL, India (CNN) -- People in the Indian city of Bhopal are mourning the victims of a deadly chemical leak in 1984 that killed tens of thousands.

    More than 3,500 died soon after the U.S.-owned Union Carbide plant spewed tons of highly toxic methyl isocyanate into the heart of Bhopal on December 3.

    Authorities say at least 15,000 people have died in what has been described as the world's worst industrial accident, although activists put the number at some 33,000.

    Thousands more have suffered illnesses from the fumes that escaped from the fertilizer plant, now a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co.

    Many of the survivors struggle with ailments ranging from breathlessness, cancer, near blindness and fatigue to heart problems and tuberculosis.

    Activists say victims have not been adequately compensated, and that the plant site has not been made safe, with environmental groups estimating it will cost $30 million to do so.

    Read the Complete Article HERE
    Ceremonies have taken place in the central Indian city of Bhopal where a toxic gas leak led to the world's worst industrial accident 20 years ago.

    Thousands died on 3 December, 1984, and in subsequent years after the leak at the Union Carbide chemical plant.

    Hundreds of survivors, relatives of the dead and rights activists marched through Bhopal demanding justice.

    However, despite a public holiday in the city, correspondents say that life carried on as normal for many people.


    "We will burn effigies of Union Carbide and Dow Chemical to voice our protests," Rashida Bee, a survivor who heads a women victims' group, told the Associated Press news agency.

    "These two companies have betrayed the victims of Bhopal."

    Read the Complete BBC Story HERE
    • Official figures on initial deaths: nearly 3,000
    • And subsequent deaths: nearly 15,000
    • And permanent disabilities: 50,000
    • Unofficial figures on initial deaths: 7,000-8,000
    • And subsequent deaths: 15,000-20,000
    • Compensation: Union Carbide agree to pay $470m in 1989

    Official source: Indian Council of Medical Research
    Indian papers sound a common theme on the 20th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster. More should have been done and needs to be done for the victims, in terms of securing justice, long-term medical help and compensation.

    A number of papers turn their attention to the ongoing risks that the chemicals industry poses to India's people and environment.

    "Even after two decades: Justice eludes victims", says Bhopal's Central Chronicle in its editorial headline.

    The paper catalogues what it sees as a long list of failings by the authorities since the disaster.

    It is high time the Supreme Court reopened the 1989 settlement in view of the unfolding magnitude of the disaster.
    Times of India

    "Still a large number of affected people are moving from pillar to post either to get treatment or rehabilitation. The government of India has failed to extradite former UCC [Union Carbide Corporation] chief Anderson who has been held guilty of the incident. The noxious chemical area has not been cleaned even after a lapse of 20 years," it says.

    "The pact between India and USA has been beyond the interest of victims," is the paper's conclusion.

    Read teh Complete BBC Article HERE
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    Just to clarify, Dow Chemical had no relationship with Union Carbide
    when this leak occured. Union Carbide was going out of business (years later)
    and Dow bought what little was left of the company.

    Maybe somebody should do the right thing and get some more
    compensation to the survivors, but you would have to completely
    revolutionize our concepts of business law. Since Union Carbide
    was a corporation, no one is personally responsible for what
    happened unless he violated the law.

    The executives are only employees, they don't own the company.
    The stockholders already lost their investment when the company
    went under. The person who caused the leak was probably the first
    one to die.

    Maybe decent people everywhere should voluntarily contribute
    to a relief fund, like they did on 9-11.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Hey, well there you go, so the chemicals aren't on DOW's hands. Nonetheless, this can all be traced back to the Governments failure to enact safety regulations etc...

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    Yes techniocally Dow has nothing to do with it.................. Union Carbide and it's management was charged with negligence that caused Death..............Dow just purchased Union Carbide After the Incident ...................Don't they are also entitled to allthe liabialites of Unon Carbide or will they get written off ? Union Carbide never filed for bankrupsy that means they were not officialy declared bankrupt.................. i am not a master in Indiastual Law

    The reports Show lack of Satfy Measures Adopted by Union Carbide and ..............and this plant was not at par with it Europian Counter part( as it ws advertised by them) has Proper Safty measures been installed this might have been ths might been avoided ..........but just to save a little cost ( the recent UN report confirms that ) .

    The Court in India have Charged them with Negligance than can cause death, that is a criminal offence...............and Contempt of court because after searving multiple notices (more than 8) any of them or they Lawers has not shown up yet......................a non- balable Warrnet has been Served aganst them

    And second the attitude shown By Dow was regratable ...................Sued a Group of Woman Protesters with compansation US$10,000 for Loss of work .

    Dow obviously has other ideas because they are suing survivors for about US$10,000 for "loss of work". That's US$10,000 compensation demanded for a two hour peaceful protest where only one Dow employee briefly ventured out of the Mumbai corporate business park to meet the women protestors.
    And Union Carbide and It's Chairmanin Anderson has been charged not Dow.............But America has refused their Excradition pleas.

    this can all be traced back to the Governments failure to enact safety regulations etc...
    I belive all this is being traced back to Union Carbides Faliour to enact safety measures?.................But the thing is a few peple are not coperation in the Investiganation process .....................Union Carbide refused to give out any details saying they are business secrets...................i mean more than 20,000 people have died till date and more are diying every day and a few people are conserned about their petty little business secrets.

    Maybe decent people everywhere should voluntarily contribute
    to a relief fund, like they did on 9-11.
    Money is a different issue .................there is a Bhopal Trust set up that accepts contributions and has received a lot of money form various sources..............and Union Carbide has paid some amount of money too ................the thing is people want justice .................even after those voluntarily contribution to 9-11 funds America still went to war ...............because general public wanted ones responsible brought to book? .................thats the feeeline here too ................people want a fair investigation and the culprit being tried in the court of LAW.................there is a sence of being cheated when the Union Carbide Managment Fled to America and never showed up.

    --Good Luck--

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