How can I remove out of my IE?
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Thread: How can I remove out of my IE?

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    Angry How can I remove out of my IE?

    First of all, always becomes my HomePage no matter what I do. Then now it appears when I try to download something! I used Spyware removers but the site is consistent. It ruins my life! Anyone, please help me!

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    It is a browser helper object (BHO)

    You could probably nail it by getting WinPatrol from BillP Studios and editing your BHOs using that tool.

    Otherwise Get SpyBot Search & Destroy and AdAware SE, update them and run them in safe mode.

    Or (at your own risk) go here:


    EDIT: I would also get Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox or Opera as a browser. I only use IE for a few things that need it for updates.

    Remember to run the immunization option in SpyBot

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    hey try running HijackThis and see what it comes up with.... go to Google and DL hijackthis.
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    Browsers don't mean jack-****... I could drop an executable file through anything that accepts and allows the use of javascript on any dumb-ass Joe Blow loged in with full administrative rights.

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