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    Java Problem

    i am having a problem with one of my computers. whenever i try to use any link that opens up a new window with javascript it doesn't work. the browser is fully updated, the javascript plugins are all updated, and i checked the security settings and they aren't disabling it. i have the exact same versions of the same software running on this computer, and it works just fine. does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this? Thanks in advance for any help guys.

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    my first thought is a pop-up blocker

    what browser are you running? do you have any additional tool bars etc installed?


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    it's not a pop-up blocker, it shows no popups blocked. There are no toolbars installed, and im using SlimBrowser, its based on Internet Exploder core files, just adds some better features. I just noticed that pages will load in internet exporer, its just slimbrowser that they wont work in. slimbrowser runs off of IE settings though, so if U change the security settings in one, it changes in both, so i dont see why one would work without the other.

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