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Thread: alternate windos shells

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    alternate windos shells

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has ever messed with the viriety of alternate shells availible as replacements for windows explorer. I came across a shell called aston shell and it seems to work better. It is stable and is very customizable. Any info on alternate shells would be greatly appreciated since I cant seem to find any statistics on any of the shells. Aston is stable on my 98 box, but since I am a newbie I dont know much about the security issues with replacing your shell. Thanks
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    I've changed my shell several times and swear by alternate shells on windows. My personal favorite is geoshell. In fact, I would prefer it to just about any WM I've seen so far on linux. Perhaps FVWM2 comes close if you completely change the scripting for it to make it act like geoshell, but, IMO, geoshell is perfect for me.


    That's a nice site with almost any alternate shell you can find as well as a variety of resources for linuxes. As far as security goes, I'm really not sure of the implications, but, after I replaced most of the default windows software with other programs, my machine became MUCH more stable. My best uptime was about 22 days on windows ME running geoshell. Without geoshell, I could barely go a week. So, it can increase stability for sure.
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    I saw little to no performance increase/stability increase with ashton shell. It took up about the same amount of ram as explorer did for me, so I just kept using explorer. I saw no real point in using ashton, there were few good skins compared to the number out there for windows with a hacked uxtheme.dll file.
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    Granted I never used any other shell but. I really like litestep. www.litestep.net.

    Give it a shot if you will and tell us what you think.
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