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Thread: Installation / Configuration Horror Stories

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    Angry Installation / Configuration Horror Stories

    I just spent two hours trying to get apache to work properly. PHP wouldn't work, mod_access wouldn't work, it was reading the wrong htdocs directory, it woudn't read the conf file properly, everything that could go wrong with an apache configuration did go wrong.

    Until I saw the "Apache/1.3.31 Server" on the 404 page. I was installing 2.0.52. I never uninstalled the 1.3 version. I kept running the WRONG FRIGGIN' COPY!

    /me continues banging head off desk, feeling ever more stupid than he ever has.

    I need a break after a snafu like that. Anyone got any other installation/configuration stories that might make mine look a little less incredibly stuipd?
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    Heh... you're not alone on that one. I had one of our IT techs call me one day to help him troubleshoot the problems with his new Apache install. Same thing. Installed Apache2, but started up 1.3. It happens. Don't beat yourself up too bad.

    Last week I contacted tech support at my web host to find out why a particular theme was no longer available for the web based email. Answer: that theme is only available for Internet Explorer, not Mozilla/Firefox. Damn! I knew that, I've been using the same server app at work for nearly 7 years.

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