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Thread: Hacker or Cracker?

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    Question Hacker or Cracker?

    I was under the impression that program writers and IT security professionals were considered hackers.Individuals who break into sites or puters for malicous purposes were crackers.Lets clear this up...thx

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    it is like that .....or depends what kind of hacker, white hat, gray hat or black hat ?
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    Hacker and Cracker are diferent. However, nowadays press mix up both and everybody is using the term "hacker" as a bad adjective. No one in world can revert that
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    Please understand that this is my view.............I am not contradicting any of the previous posts.

    In my day, a "hacker" was someone who could get things done, outside of the "rules"

    A "cracker" on the other hand, sought access to sotware codes?

    I believe that the Media have take these terms an distorted them?

    just my opinion

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