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Thread: annonimus surfing!!

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    annonimus surfing!!

    hey you guys iam trying to access yahoo mail thru a proxy server (http://www.anonymsurfen.com/)
    but then iget a error saying
    WARNING: SSL not supported, entering non-anonymous area!
    This proxy as installed does not support SSL, i.e. URLs that start with "https://". In the meantime, any browsing to an "https://" URL will be directly from your browser, and no longer anonymous.
    Follow the link below to exit your anonymous browsing session, and continue to the URL non-anonymously.


    any ideas ,plz i need it badly

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    So what is your question? I suggest you read up on what SSL is, how it works, etc., and you'll see why you're unable to use that anonymouse proxy to log in using it.

    There are other ways, keep in mind, of having anonymity on the Internet besides regular generic anonymous surfing websites. Do a bit of reading and you'll do yourself some good.

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    This could be because they want you get hooked on the free service, put pay for the stuff that really matters, like SSL and SSH.

    It could also because they are unwilling to have thier site used as a means to circumvent credit card (or other online) fraud detection.
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