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Thread: Suse 9.2 Installation Question

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    Suse 9.2 Installation Question

    Ok, I've decided to give *nix another crack at, and since Suse 9.2 just came out, I figured why not give it a go?. So, anyways, I just downloaded it. Only problem is it's a 4.3gb ISO, and I don't have a dvd burner. So I got to thinking, and figured since it has an "ftp installation option?" maybe I could set the url to my HD. So I came up with an idea, set the url to my download directory (I was reading through the Suse 9.2 Administrator's guide and saw a little exert on the ftp installation which says "Specifies the installation source as a url. Possible protocols include cd, hd, nfs, smb, ftp, http and tftp")

    So, my question is could I install Suse using their FTP Installation Option, buying using my Downloaded file [On an NTFS partition (XP PRO)]. Or would it not be able to cross reference the two drive types?

    Or..Could I just split the ISO into 6 parts and burn them? Maybe even also the boot loader? Maybe I have no clue what I'm talking about?

    Either way, if anyone has any tips/answers I'd appreciate them. Also, I'm pretty sure this is the Pro version of Suse. If that matters for options wise.
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    I'm not sure if you know this or not, but you can just download the boot.iso image, burn that to a CD, and let it do the FTP downloading that way. I'm highly doubtful that it will be able to in any way write to a differently-formatted hard drive. The boot.iso, though, will download everything you need just off of that disk; you won't need anything extra besides a connection to the Internet.

    Let me know if I misread your question.

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    One way you could do it, since you already have the DVD ISO, is to extract the files onto a seperate computer that is networked, and do a network/FTP install of it. That way, it wouldn't have to download all the files from external sites and such. All you'd really need to do, is set up an FTP server on the computer with the extracted ISO (the one you arn't installing it on), and point the SUSE FTP installer to that FTP server/dir.

    There are also other options for installing it over a network. I'm sure Novell has documented them very clearly on their site, so check it out.

    Good luck. SUSE is a great system.

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