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Thread: we're 4 months away

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    Post we're 4 months away

    I know this is 4 months out yet, but as you can see by my avatar and pic on my profile, it plays on my head still today, 15 years after the fact.

    People have forgotten. In the wake of the Waco fire, and the Oklahoma City federal building bombing, the explosion and deaths aboard USS Iowa (BB-61) on April 19, 1989 has slipped to non-news. Unfortunately for me, it's something I have to deal with every day of my life. I was there. I lived through the hell of fighting that fire, and the worse hell of pulling my friends bodies out after we saved the ship. Don't come on here telling me to seek professional help. Only someone who's been there and seen that kind of horror could ever understand, and I'm sure there's not a single headshrinker out there who has. In the interim, I, like many of the other Iowa vets from that fateful day, shall endeavour to keep the public aware of it.


    We shall not forget. God bless the families of the Iowa 47.

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    Actually, there are professionals who specialize in treating PTSD from battle, and who have experienced it themselves. Maybe not exactly the same situation you were in, but they can relate and understand more than those of us who have never been in anything even remotely similar could.
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    you saying shrinks cant help you because they haven't experienced it is like saying doctors can't treat herpes because they've never had it

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    I have never experienced what u have but, i did have a close friend of mine die about a yr ago so i know that it is tough to go thru...
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