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Thread: wanna get xp pro

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    wanna get xp pro

    can i get a prirated copy of xp pro from somewhere plz hook me up

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    Send an email to piracy@microsoft.com with your name, address, phone number, (they need these so they can email you the CD's..... Worked for me.....
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    I have one up on e-mule. The image is a little bigger than the one distributed by MS, but don't worry about that extra stuff. You don't need to understand what is in there. They are extra utilities that MS left out because they are greedy and I like to add functionality for mys... I mean add functionality to the OS.
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    You can [probably] get a pirated copy anywhere..............
    The trick is that you will not be able to keep it updated,
    and, you will not know exactly what it is you have on your disc, if you insist on lining the pockets of those 'wize' warez guyz [did you see what I did there ?] [No: .... please yourself then ]

    Or do you intend to NEVER go online with the XP ?
    In which case, a pirated copy is PERFECTLY safe............

    Not that XP is perfect.......................BUT it is legal, and Bill will love you
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