Rock on Nihil! Ya learn something new every day (or night, as it were). PB over here sucks in a huge way. The really scary part is that we're *still* seeing PB machines for sale in upscale electronics stores .... and that folks are actually buying them. I won't knock a refurbished box, so long as there's quality inside to work with...but damn. PB just screwed it's own pooch on the US market. Really scary also is that Gateway did the same thing - started out a nice, high quality box, turned into a 'cheapest parts from the cheapest vendor' operation. After having my elbows in compaqs lately I begin to wonder... Hence I build my own. At least I know *I* chose the cheap parts when they fry, on those rare occasions they do.

Aye, Navy. We didn't shoot shells at people, we shot Volkswagons at people!
[edit] [side note] Check my avatar. See the little black dash between the smoke and the flame belching out of turret 2's center gun? That's the shell. One hell of a pic, and unique as far as I've seen. Our ship's PR guy (Lt somebodyorother) took it and it resides both on and in my cruisebook from the 1989 Med deployment.[/sidenote] [/edit]