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Thread: I haven't forgotten this forum!

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    I haven't forgotten this forum!

    Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten this forum. I've been too busy at work (seeking new employment) and on private ventures to spend a lot of time paying attention here. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can spend more time helping out and publishing a few quickie papers.

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    Chris Shepherd
    The Nelson-Shepherd cutoff: The point at which you realise someone is an idiot while trying to help them.
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    Ipse Dixit?

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    Buncha old-timers in this thread, eh?

    I've not stopped in in a while, either, but decided to make 10 or 12 posts today outta the blue. I kinda miss the place..

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    Hoggy, how the hell are you??? Good luck. *fart*

    And, jehnx, me too. I just had to check in and see if anything has changed....... ummmmm nope.
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    Hehe, this thread is old school

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    I guess i shouldn't be posting here than, don't worry i won't !
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    AO French Antique News Whore
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    Old Schooll.. Oh well, I'm gonna said something then since I'm old school!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    nope looks all the same to me..
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    Talking Me too....

    It's been year since I've been here....and still have my account. Wipes dust off profile...yep yep yep.. :-D
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