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Thread: Why ppl come to Antionline ?

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    Question Why ppl come to Antionline ?

    I thought twice for writing this but i think its gona end up with good results...
    Its in connection to the negative antipoints i earned in one of the thread.......

    I have been thinking why ppl. come to antionline n post thread n ask questions...... almost everything is available through Search Engine with proper searching technique...

    N after asking this question to myself.... the answer came frm inside is this...

    1) Although information is available on web but frm here i can narrow my search.
    2) PPl here are working around in professional enviorment n can respond to me more accurately.
    3) Sometimes a new concept or something new comes in ur knowledge after discussing.
    4) You can have intereaction with others?
    5) Sometimes u r on the wrong side so they will change ur opinion......
    6) N mostly u get rite and precise answer to ur queries sometimes more quicker than Google.com

    Wht u say abt this...... whts ur comment.....?
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    My reply. Why do you write on such a professional level but still use things like "ppl", "n", "whts" etc.

    I know my grammar and all is not of a very good level, but this is a forum not an conversation on msn or irc.

    The reasons differ per person I think A number of them you already talked about but let me name a few more:

    1. Community: People like hanging out with others that think mostly the same like they do.
    2. Learning: Being here without even posting has learned me a lot. Simplely reading things that others post can be a huge source of information.
    3. Helping others: The feeling you have tough someone something or helped him with something is a great reward by itself for some people.

    There are probely many more reasons why someone would hang out here. Or on any forum in general anyway.

    I hope you can fix the writing in your first post. When you do you'll get a few greenies from me. (not that I can really make a difference with them but..... meh)
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    Well the reason i am using ppl , n words like these is just because to save my time...... But apology for so much spell mistakes.... the reason same trying to write fast .
    One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man!

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    Moonwolf, I completely agree with your points. Especially the first one about "ppl", "u", "r", etc.
    I would add the following:

    I write something down, because it helps me, besides increasing my skills in written English,
    to order my thoughts about a topic. And instead of writing it just
    for oneself (and the documentation one may have to keep up-to-date),
    why not sharing it with other people - some who might even appreciate and can
    use it?

    This brings me to my main point here:

    If a thought is worth something (or you think so), then it is also worth to take
    the time to write (or at least try to write) a well-formulated post!

    Fanacool, "we" realise that you have used "u", "r" etc. to save time.

    But remember two things:
    - it takes me ("us"?) longer to read such texts - so I often skip them as a whole.
    - it does not motivated me ("us"?) to answer. If you have written it in a hurry, why should
    I take time to polish up an answer or write one at all? (Does this really have to be
    said explicitly?)

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    What the ****. The guy tried to make a post and get a good solid discusion going and you two ****nutz want to slam his writing style. If you dont want to actualy answer the question fin the original post or atleast have something constructive to say thenSHUT THE **** UP .
    it takes me ("us"?) longer to read such texts - so I often skip them as a whole
    Then skip this one as well jackass. Cut the guy a ****ing break.
    When you do you'll get a few greenies from me.
    A true bastardization of the AP system and what its all about. They are supposed to help us judge each others merit of posts not gramatical ability. And yes to whom it may concern this one post is an open flame on 2 certain individuals. And i know im not being anymore helpfull here than the other 2 **** nuts but for gods sake its getting old reading a thread that looks like it may be interesting and BOOM some idiot like theese 2 decide to hijack it with the intent of making themselves look better than the tread starter.

    EDIT: I forgot to hide this

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    FanacooL old chap, might I be permitted to attempt to answer your question?

    You are from Karachi, and I am from Bridlington? we are not exactly next door neighbours....in fact it is rather a long swim? (meet you half way for a beer or three? )

    We come here to communicate with each other; hopefully, to learn from one another? and to associate with like minded individuals.

    I have commented in the past that there is a very positive spin off in talking with genuine people from other countries. I have learned lots of stuff that has nothing to do with computers

    OK............your specific question:

    When you come here you just might meet someone who has had exactly the same problem or question..........you could spend years on Google to get that?.......

    Good luck

    And DO NOT DARE LEAVE............you are my only man on the ground in Karachi

    All responses to "The Twin Towers" Langley, Virginia?

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    Adding to Nihil's very well stated post, I submit this for your viewing pleasure:

    I come here to help others, to get help when I 'smack the wall' and can't see my way through a problem, and to kick around ideas in general. There's a reason that for every technical post I make, there's about 3 that fall into 'general computer discussions, chit chat, or cosmos' - That reason is I enjoy reading over other's ideas and beliefs, to either enhance my own, sharpen my debate skills, or provide instruction to those who seek it (or in some cases those who aren't, but deserve the lecture anyhow). It is my firm belief that the global community will overcome the petty bs that's been causing so many wars for such a long time by communication and understanding. Forums like this are the beginnings of that communication - It starts with useful information exchange - how do I fix this, or how do I change that - then evolves into something more.

    Back on the technical side, sometimes Google doesn't help. It's difficult wading through the muck and petty crap out there to find the gem you need to fix an issue. MUCH faster to come here and ask after it...just be sure to at least look at Google first.

    Regarding the neg ap's you received...surely they weren't for grammar alone? To avoid them in the future, I'd suggest reading the 'stickies' at the top of the forums. If you've already read them, re-read them, then look back at the circumstances in which you got negged - see if you can spot what went wrong.

    luck to you!
    Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.

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    Why come back? It's very hard to find an internet forum with so much activity - as dull and repetitive as it may be - as this one has. This forum has everything from the dumbest and most simple questions to the very bright and intelligent tutorials (sec_ware ).

    Even though I am explaining for the nth time how to get rid of a X malware or how to install Y software, it is still fun knowing that I am helping someone as clueless as they maybe. And even now and then there is a discussion here that spark some interest and I'll get to try something new so I stick around...

    Find me a better and more diverse forum and I'll leave - which may be this upcoming March or May or whenever JP is scheduled to launch his new security site.

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    Nihil Me likely to have the same feeling for u

    Well the only reason why i started this thread is that i want to point out to the person who gave me negative points that yes google is there for help but antionline is a better option to start with........ in my opinion only......


    Negative points were given to me saying should do the research on my own on google rather than asking here..... he said i dont like ppl who dont do research n blap blap.....

    Anyways its goood , no matter i get positive points or not i m here to help with all i have n will ask help frm u ppl in my problems...... all i hate is getting those negative cause this will result in ban......

    I feel comfortable in writing short so i will continue doing that...... ok
    One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man!

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    I come to AO because there is always someone here who has been thru the problem i am having and it helps me out that other people can help me :-)
    Git R Dun - Ty
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