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Thread: Cnet's Corporate Influence?

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    Cnet's Corporate Influence?

    I just recently went to Cnet looking for adware removal software.Cnet rated "spyware eliminator" as a gold product and thus giving me the impression it was a very good product.But upon further investigation i found that "spyware eliminator" had very negative user reveiws.As a matter of fact they were downright terrible.I found that "adaware" had very good user reveiws.I get the feeling that Cnet is selling out to the software companies at the cost of the average PC user.Much appreciated if someone would post the truth on spyware removal software and where to get it....THX
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    SpyBot S&D is the all time best for SpyWare IMHO.

    And for sites reviews, they can be based on many things. Some sites do sell out, I am not actually sure about CNET though. I have read about other sites giving good ratings to bad products.

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    I guess you have to make your own mind up, and take on board the fact that "free" stuff will be rated differently to "pay for stuff"

    So, two that you should have, and run regularly are:

    1. AdAware SE
    2. Spybot Search & Destroy

    Those are both free for private/home use

    You should update them, re-boot, and run them in SAFE MODE (Whilst you are there, please defragment as well........your computer will like you for it) For example, in SAFE MODE your antivirus files will be defragmented as well, so real time scanning will be that much faster?

    Pay for stuff, that you might like to get a trial of would be:

    1. "The Cleaner" from Moosoft
    2. Pest Patrol
    3. TDS3 (Trojan Detection Suite) from DiamondCS

    I would also recommend WinPatrol from BillP Studios...........a useful tool for those with the imagination to use it "slightly out of context" It is free for private use.

    Please do not ignore free stuff.............if you study this site for a while you will see that there are a lot of people who take a dim view of exploiters, parasites, vandals and the like. Some produce free stuff to counteract the threats.


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    Thanks all for your help....

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