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Thread: aol & watchguard

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    aol & watchguard

    I have a problem with users that have normal firewall permissions reaching the AOL web site. I gave myself unrestricted use and have no problem. We want all users to be able to reach aol to check their personal mail.

    The FW is a watchguard III

    Can anyone tell me what's different about aols web site…what needs to be changed?

    I know in many companys this would not be a recommended practice but EVERYONE here @ corp has proven themselves to be more than competent and above board, so unless the change would open up a hole for some type of exploit I want to go ahead with it.

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    possibly it is one of the routes on the way to aol? What happens when you do a trace route with unlimited and limited permissions? Maybe just give access to everyone for that one router hop that is preventing access?

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