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Thread: World's briefest marriage

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    Talking World's briefest marriage

    I heard this today on Paul Harvey and thought y'all might get a chuckle from it -

    warning - link contains LOTS of cookie attempts. Just keep denying and the story'll load.


    Brawl ends marriage 90 minutes after wedding
    December 2
    Scott McKie and Victoria Anderson were looking forward to a life of wedded bliss as they tied the knot. But an hour and a half - and a series of drunken assaults - later, divorce was looming fast.
    The tale of what has been billed one of Britain's least successful ever marriages ended with 23-year-old McKie being dragged from his own wedding reception by police, newspapers reported on Thursday.

    According to the reports, the happy marriage lasted for all of 90 minutes before Anderson, enraged at a drunken toast to the bridesmaids by her new husband at their reception, violently hit him over the head with an ashtray.

    He responded by taking a hat-stand at the pub in a suburb of Manchester, northwest England, where the party was taking place, and hurling it towards the bar "like a javelin", according to witnesses.

    Police were called, and McKie head-butted one officer and punched another before being dragged to the cells, at which point 40-year-old Anderson cancelled their honeymoon and began divorce proceedings.

    The sorry tale was recounted at Manchester Crown Court, where McKie pleaded guilty to a series of charges including attempted wounding and assault, receiving a community service punishment.

    McKie's lawyer told the court that everyone involved had been "very, very drunk at the time".

    "They had only been together for two or three months before the wedding," McKie's father told the Daily Mirror newspaper. "It was a big mistake."
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    Marriage is bliss lol.
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    well i guess they broke the record of britny and that guy ............waht was his name i cannot recall ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what the heck they were married for like 48 hrs or so .

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    Talking Marriage

    It's a sentence not a word!
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