I've waited since August of this year to post here, and I figured my 275th post would be a good one to use. *cheers*

Let's see...about |ce.

I'm quite happily married, hitched, chained, and otherwise completely in love with my wife, known here as Mrs. |3lack|ce, and known to me as Trish.

We live in our happy home in a podunk little town in NorthEast Texas, the very same town I graduated from HS in way back in 1985. We have 2 cats, they being junior citizens and replacement children, and a longhaired chihuahua who is the 'black sheep' of the family because she can't seem to realize that the litterbox isn't her own personal snack bar.

I am a veteran of the US Navy, having proudly served from 1988 to 1992 as an electrician aboard USS Iowa (BB-61) and USS America (CV-66).

I have my Associates Science degree in Computer Networking Technologies, and a second one in Business Administration. I have my MBA with teaching credentials, and a PhD in English, proving once and for all that one need only enough money and know their board members to gain such a degree, my usage of english being hideous.

I have, to date in my life, been an IT professional both for the government and in the private sector, an (laugh, laugh really hard) AoL helpdesk technician, a telephone operator, owned my own computer repair business, driven an 18 wheeler, waited tables, played clerk in a convenience store, and managed countless pizza restaurants. I am currently retired, but not by choice (back injury).

Mrs |ce is in rapid pursuit of her doctor of jurisprudence, and hopes to complete it by this spring.

As my profile says, I'm old, fat, balding, and ugly as hell. I like it that way. They'll pry my lit cigarette from my cold dead fingers the day I quit smoking, and from the other hand they'll pull a half-empty Dr. Pepper.

What else is there to say? I try not to troll, and help whenever possible, and laugh my tail off at Gore's posts and TigerShark's rebuttals. Cheers to you all, and I hope to remain a very long time! Oh, and a very warm welcome back PoohSunTzu! We missed ya!