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    Originally posted here by ;TT
    Ever heard of robots.txt? Look it up, it'll stop search engines and the scenario you laid out. Sure there's ways to get secret information... but if you do, I doubt it'll be because a search engine coughed them up for you.
    Robots.txt will stop Google, but that's because Google honours it. Not all search engines do. And if anybody links to a page behind the robots.txt file, it still does no good.

    The robots.txt file is kind of like leaving the door to your house wide open, but posting a sign saying "please don't come in here". Not very effective against the more shady types.

    To really stop search engine spiders you need links designed to 'trap' them in a slew of endlessly looping links. I'm not a web developer, and don't know exactly how to di it, but I do know that more affirmative action than that file needs to be taken against some web spiders.
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    Ok, finally comes the lecture on Information Security, as taught to me personally by my beloved Uncle Sam. Now, things might've changed since I got out 12 years ago, but I seriously doubt it.

    Regarding all things classified and electronic devices.

    Classified information stored on electronic devices are to be isolated from any network. Classified material will not be transferred electronically across a network at any time for any reason. If it needs to be transferred, a secondary storage device (read floppy disk or tape) shall be used, and it will follow normal chain of custody rules. Upon delivery of the classifed information to the new electronic device, the storage device shall be destroyed by erase/rewrite/encrypt procedures (this is done repeatedly), then followed by shredding.

    Now given today's age of high speed networking, I'm sure (read as absolutely positive) there's a net that the military/government uses which is completely isolated from public access. Yes, they own their own satellites, phone lines, etc for this purpose. To get into this net you would either have to get onto a military base and hack into their systems, or find a cable and cut into it, or hack the satellite, and the encryption. I promise their skills are better than yours, and I wish you luck in your attempt should you ever decide to do so, but I fully expect you'll be caught and made to disappear should you come even remotely close to succeeding. If some little l337 scriptkiddie comes out and says to you 'hey, I hacked the pentagon,' they're full of it.

    I very seriously doubt you accessed anything of any real secrecy or importance to your government on an ftp/pub directory, or on any .mil site, most especially off google. As for the links page you posted, quite frankly I tried 2 links - got zero results, and laughed about it. I got the c-code you posted on the mil/pub site though, and agree that it's something that is probably quite common out here in the public sector, and is unclassified.

    Now understand that I was in during the days that the distance a 16" gun could shoot was classified. To this day it still is, and there are no longer any 16" guns in the Navy (the last Iowa class battleship was decommissioned and stricken from the US Navy ship's registry back in the mid 1990's). I can tell you the shell weighed around 2600 lbs... I can tell you it was as long as I was tall... I can tell you it made a crater around 6'deep by 25' around on a dummy shell... and that it went around 35 miles. But the *exact* weight, height, damage, and distance are still locked up in a nice safe classifed documents vault somewhere, or locked into the heads of those who needed to know the information and somehow got it stuck in there.
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    Nice lecture and all, but the truth has been all branches of military keep sensitive data accessible via public networks, regardless of what you say. Proof (and this is just one of many examples): Read about the Deceptive Duo ( http://www.google.com/search?sourcei...=Deceptive+Duo ), they successfully accessed several .gov and .mil sites, and accessed information that's supposed to be classified.

    I don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand that .gov and .mil sites have slipped up and put information that shouldn't be accessible online, available, even if it were just to an internet connected network.

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    Originally posted here by PuReExcTacy
    C programming code. I don't know it's function.


    is a program for copying data rapidly between devices.
    While the primary application is to move data between raw devices such as
    tape and disk, it can also be used with pipes.
    No special support is required from the operating system;
    .I dbcp
    Read on for more info. Look at the root dir. That is quite old... almost 10 years old...
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