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Thread: Online 'university' sued for selling fake degrees

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    Online 'university' sued for selling fake degrees

    Geek News:Trinity Southern University, an online school based in Texas, has been sued by the state of Pennsylvania for allegedly using state and private Internet addresses to hawk fake graduate degrees and prescription drugs. The "university" sent out more than 180,000 spam e-mails in 2004, of which some 300 were sent from e-mail servers belonging to companies and schools in Pennsylvania.
    Funny read, check it out more at http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/20...1208028162.htm
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    I heard that story yesterday on the news - one degree was given to a cat.

    Still more proof that you don't really need a piece of paper telling the world you can do what you've been doing forever, and that money truly can buy anything.
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    O! yes ,now garfeild is a Phd .now on we call him Dr.Garfeild

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