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Thread: computer job ideas

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    computer job ideas

    im trying to figure out what i want to do when i get out of college. Im currently a Commerecial Music major. But, i want to get a degree in the computer field as well. The problem is this....I dont know which field. I like programing (i know a little java and even less c++) but networking/security interests me as well. Any suggestions??

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    I would suggest after finishing your music major, adapting your IT course knowledge into studio operation. Why not go into 'the biz' and be the guy who does the mixing and owns the recording studio, or the guy who works at the major record company? Might not pay huge amounts (I don't know for sure), but at least you'd get to meet some really cool people.
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    Oh yaaa! That is nice post! I can't help you cause i'm pupil and i'm also thinking what shall i do after school. I don't like programing. I know a little Pascal and that is all. I like hardware.
    I'm also wondering how can I start working as software tester(what must I know for that?).
    GREAT POST z31200n3. Here are a lot of people working in computer science they must show us the way to go
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