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Thread: Fighting Binaries

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    Fighting Binaries

    So heres sort of a random idea... I gave it some thought when I was messing around with Netsky and found a text file mentioning bagle... and this may exist already...

    Would anyone find a game fun where two competitors write code in a pre-set language/OS with a pre-set objective? Example:

    Restrictions: Win32 C++ on Windows XP pro
    Objective: Delete the most of 100 text files in C:\Arena

    Once binaries are supplied, some tool can be used to start both codes at once.
    Obviously, this would mean you wouldn't write code that just deletes the files. In order to win, you would have to play defense, and you would have all kinds of different ways to do so:

    1. End competitors process
    2. Spawn multiple processes
    3. Move / rename target files / folders
    4. Prevent your process from being ended

    Or, you could write an efficient program that just deletes the files before anything can happen (rush, given that the competitors prog isn't faster ) And objectives can be anything to make the offense / defense vary greatly.
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    This sounds like a great competition in writing efficient code, if it's written to be faster than the competition. Disallow shutting down a competitor's process and it would be nothing but a contest in efficient code writing.

    Allow programs to attack the competition and the whole scene changes. Now it's a virus writing competition, effectively. One could go so far as to include AI routines in the code to attack other code faster and better.

    All round, a great idea I think.
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    Checkout IBM RoboCode (in Java). It sounds like it will help to cure your itch. You use IBM's SDK to program your own robots, then they fight it out in their allocated time. I'm sure there are other games like this, but this one should whet your appetite.

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