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    Lightbulb Have a Virus library Of your Own

    [glowpurple]Well [/glowpurple] Any one who wants to have acollection of viruses. i wont ask you why you are collecting virus but i can put some light on it.See i tried it myself only.First get a seperate pc and install Macafee virus soln And configure it to only detect scripts and block it,not to delete it that can by done by advanced option sregarding scanning.Next Put off your firewall and visit some sites specified by other antionline guys and then wallah,You got a new virus just then get a tool to password protect
    your folders and put the script/file on it and lock it.I prefer to block any acces to it.Tag the folder and keep a log of virus and pretty soon you will get a collection of virus

    Source for folder Blocking tool-www.cnet.com
    Thank You

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    Come On Just Reply Guys

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    AFAIK a collection of virii was gained by getting source code and dormant files containing said infections... while it is true you'd be able to get quite an impressive collection of virii, worms and spyware, the point of having this stuff... hell, it's better to use a honeypot or a tarpit for something like this IMO.

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    AFAIK a collection of virii
    Where can i get this collection and how do i check this virus from spread

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    No this was an indefinite 'a'... and AFAIK stands for 'As Far As I Know'. What I meant is that your method is based on randomness and seems to not offer much to study from... getting some source code would definitely be better.

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