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    It could always be the Fan

    games and virii scans can increase your MB and/or CPU's temprature, causing the system to shutdown unexpectedly.
    Use some temprature monitoring package (most of the latest MB's have a bundled software for same), and check if all your fans are working properly. To me it seems like a hardware error.

    If all is fine here then my next suspect is your GeForce.
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    Have you recently installed XP SP2? It has a built in firewall that is "on" by default, and can affect internet activities such as games. Please check this list to see if you are running any software with known SP2 compatibility issues:


    Do you have a resident antivirus and firewall? if so, what?

    I would not run Norton as it is a resource hog. Run AdAware and SpyBot first, in safe mode. Then try to run your AV.

    I am not so sure about the hardware theory. I would expect your machine to freeze or switch off, NOT to restart. I would suggest that you eliminate the malware and software conflict possibilities first.

    I would also suggest that you go into your BIOS and Power Management (Control Panel) and switch OFF all power management options. Set the machine to allways on.

    And you do need more memory.............all I am doing is browsing this site and I am using 335Mb!

    Good luck

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    Id say that if you start in safe mode and your computer crashes when scanning for virus's

    (at what point does ytour computer restart, is it randomly? on start up or when you try to run programs. If it happens when you try to run programs, what programs trigger the crash (if any).

    common sence says that ure programs are running on a system that cant handle them (as nihil pointed out) try a different O/S would be my suggestion.
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    P4 1.5GHz
    128Mb RAM
    40Gb HDD

    That box almost certainly shipped with Win ME. To take it to XP without a memory upgrade is not a good idea. I would have upgraded it to Windows 2000 (NT5) OK, no good if you want to play old DOS games, but neither is XP. If you really want to run DOS Apps, go back to Win98SE and dual boot Win2000 or a linux distro?

    I would not like to run XP with less than 384Mb. I don't know his local prices Konshuss, but over here you would go to Crucial and get some more RAM............much better value than changing the OS?

    The problem might be that it is RAMBUS RDRAM.............now that is not cheap!............like Dell tried to charge me just under 1,000 for a Gig of it! He should be able to get it second hand/used though............I since got 512Mb for 84 (a slight difference ) You have to fit them in matched pairs as well I would guess there are plenty of 128Mb strips around?

    just a thought

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