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Thread: UPS Service Registry Tweak!

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    UPS Service Registry Tweak!

    This is a pretty hard question! I just configured a UPS on my XP machine but I'm unhappy of the option I have. After looking in the registry at this key -- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\UPS\Config I found a few good key but sadly, I cannot find ANY information about it! I want to be sure of the meaning ShutdownOnBatteryEnable with a dword of 1 and ShutdownOnBatteryWait with a dword of a. I search Google for info about those registry key but Google only give me 1 result and it's not what I want.

    Anyone got info I about those registry key; from a book or MSDN??

    Thank you!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    I'm assuming that you want the correct option to allow the system to shut down in the event of a power outage ?

    ShutdownOnBatteryEnable : would be my choice for the above option. it implies [to me] that on power out, that the system will initiate a controlled shut down, without loss of data........

    ShutdownOnBatteryWait : implies [to me] that on power out, the system will flag you for advice, and then wait..................... OK if you are there 24/7 ?

    As a quick and dirty fix : just try the options one by one, and simulate power loss [on a STAND ALONE PC ]
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    Not needing UPS where I live (I own a diesel generator hooked into an ABT to manage backup power for my house) I can't really help you very much, however...

    From reading the descriptors I'll offer you a 'best guess' at what each of those things do -

    ShutdownonBatteryEnable - when the operator is 'true' (value 1) it tells the computer that when it goes on battery, save everything and run through normal shutdown. This is quite integral to systems on which important files are often accessed, so as not to lose any important data.

    ShutdownonBatteryWait - also when the operator is 'true' (value 1) it tells the 'shutdownenable' to give a user time to save his work and logoff - it's probably tied into the system alert software, and probably alerts the user of the power loss and to save his stuff...NOW, because the system will down itself in 1 minute.

    Ok, I just read thru Fox's post. It seems we agree on both, so I'm pretty confident in my 'educated guesses' at this point. Hope they helped!
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    Hi guys.............you are both there I would say, BUT I think that the default shutdown is two (2) minutes in Win XP.

    Now, for most of us that is still time enough to get to the fridge and rescue a cold beer

    SDK............it all depends on what you machine is doing. If you are into to heavy scientific stuff?, batch processing (don't you dare laugh! it is still a valid methodology), and certainly process control, then this is not enough.

    SDK, you need to ask yourself what you have that UPS for?.............I have been working in the WMD industry, where we would have backup generators....................so you load the 6 blank twelve guage shells, and none of them fire?

    Is it a parachute to safety, or do you have a "business as usual requirement"?................you might like to look at the software and recommendations provided by your UPS supplier.............the Windows stuff is pretty basic

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    Right now, the service configuration FORCES a shutdown of the system. I had this configuration when a while ago but my computer shutdown itself a few times without warning (Probably when the UPS got surge) so I turn the software off. But this week, I had a power outrage but I decided to fix the program.

    What I want the service to do is simply to start an exe when the power failed. I'll program my own execute with a VB program that will shutdown the computer if no user input is there to stop it.

    Right now, when the alarm occurs, run this program work but after the next options call "Next, instruct the computer to:" force the computer to Shut Down. It's the only option available!

    I want to find what the registry key to remove that "Next, instruct the computer to: Shutdown" option to "Do Nothing". I'll probably try the error/success method until I get it right if nobody know the information.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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