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Thread: Track changes made to registry

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    Track changes made to registry

    I've got a problem i was hoping you folks could help me with....

    I'm looking for a way to change the folder options (you know, my computer, tools, folder options) to change the way each workstation treats certain file types by using a group policy on one of our windows 2000 advanced servers.

    I've searched through my group policy settings and the only way I can see to do this would be to figure out which registry keys are changed when I change the settings to be what I want them to be, and then use the add/modify registry key group policy to add or change those keys...

    but the problem is - I don't have a way to figure out what registry keys are changing as I make those folder option changes...

    Is there some kind of registry change tracking program I could use or does anyone know where these folder option registry keys are located on XP machines?

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    yes. you can use regmon to view the registry access/changes in real time.

    You can get it from systernals.com

    There are other programs too... like winpatrol or regprot. But they are more for blocking registy chagnes.

    Also, look into repackaging software. There are programs that will take a "snapshot" of the system before and after a software install. It will compare the two snapshots and give you a report of what has changed.
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    Real Time monitoring may not be the solution in your case...... What i think you are looking for is a tool that track all the information about the changes made during the past time.... Try using the following programs hope they help you....

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