How to connect a wireless router to an existing network

In order to connect wirelessly at my house, I went out and bought a wireless linksys router. Worked great. However, after switching DSL service, they sent a router which had a DSL modem built in. Now, should I go out and buy a wireless access point, or just configure the router as an access point?

If you have a wireless router that you want to configure as an access point (and connect to a main router), do the following:

[list=1][*]Reset the wireless router. It should have a small reset button in the back. Hold for a few seconds, and the lights should start flashing in the front.[*]Connect a computer directly to one of the LAN ports on the wireless router. Set the router's LAN ip address to an ip that's unused, and outside the ip range on your existing network. For example, if, on the main router, its IP address is, and the DHCP range is from, then a possible IP for the new router is[*]Disable DHCP on the wireless router.[*]Save everything, and turn off the router. Now, connect a cable from a LAN port on your main router to a LAN (or uplink, if you have one) port on the wireless router.[*]Turn the wireless router back on.[*]Connect with your wireless device, e.g. laptop. If it works correctly, the wireless router is now an access point. Your computer will get an IP through DHCP on the main router. Also, it is on the same subnet, so file sharing works perfectly.[/list=1]