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Thread: PLease help.Virus hanged my PC after Downloading some Video PLayer

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    Unhappy PLease help.Virus hanged my PC after Downloading some Video PLayer


    After downloading a few video player, and after restart of my PC.
    It hangs immediately after i log in. and i couldnt do anything.

    Something is wrong, but I still got access in SAFE mode but what should i do.

    It have an error message about something regrading "missing null directory" if i remember correctly.

    An the few video player downloaded are Crystal Player and a DVD player if i am not wrong should be FTT player, And BS player. One of this file must have contained the virus.

    My OS : 2000 professional.

    Kinda Urgent. I have some school work in the PC, but now i cant continue....
    Please help. :
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    The obvious thing, I don't think anyone needs to say. Get you hands on a good antivirus. The preferred method would be to use another computer to create a known safe bootable and updated antivirus diskette. Then boot your machine up with that diskette, letting it go through it's motions until it finds and removes the virus.

    Backing up your files might also mean you are backing up the virus as well, keep that in mind should you find yourself in a position where you are re-installing your operating system.

    Good luck.

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    Well if you are in safe mode with networking you should be able to fire up a web browser and connect to http://housecall.trendmicro.com and have it do a free online scan to remove the virus.

    Have you tried to remove through Add/Remove Programs those specific applications? Have you checked for Spyware using applications like Ad-Aware and HiJackThis! ?
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    Scanned with no virus found.

    I updated my norton using a update file i download from another PC.
    becoz i couldnt get access to the internet in safe mode!!!!!

    I did a full scan but no Virus is Found.

    Could restoring of my registry helps? IF possible, how do i do them?

    Scenario :

    after login.

    I am still able to move my mouse.

    But it is completely blank on my desktop.

    The only thing that react is the start button. I click start and control panel .

    And it HANG!!!!!

    i tried ctl alt delete to get into task manager but doesnt response.

    Guess my alternative is to go back into safe mode.
    But other than doing a virus scan , what can i do???

    Will to Learn

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    Well if a full and updated virus scan didn't find anything in safe mode, maybe it's not a virus.

    It could be some random glitch that hit the wrong file.

    The Windows 2000 CD has an option when you boot from it to repair the installation; this copies all the critical system files back onto the hard drive, while leaving user accounts and such intact. It may break some things, but it should at lest allow you to use the computer again and retrieve school work from it. If that's the #1 priority now, repait the installation and worry about fixing the rest later.

    That's what I'd do in your place, anyway.
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    In the Safe mode you may want to uninstall what you have installed before the error occurs and reboot. This always work for me. If it does not solve your problem, go to Safe mode again and go Start > Run and type in msconfig and then go to the Startup tab to uncheck the items that you think is causing the problem and reboot, you may need to do this several times to identify the item.

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