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    This forum looks boring so I'll try to make a game out of it. I'm going to post something, and see fi you can guess what it came from:

    Reply and make your guesses. Only parts will be posted so it isn't easy:

    SI_SUB_RUN_SCHEDULER = 0xfffffff /* scheduler*/

    * Some enumerated orders; "ANY" sorts last.
    enum sysinit_elem_order {
    SI_ORDER_FIRST = 0x0000000, /* first*/
    SI_ORDER_SECOND = 0x0000001, /* second*/
    SI_ORDER_THIRD = 0x0000002, /* third*/
    SI_ORDER_MIDDLE = 0x1000000, /* somewhere in the middle */
    SI_ORDER_ANY = 0xfffffff /* last*/


    extern void tunable_int_init(void *);
    struct tunable_int {
    const char *path;
    int *var;
    #define TUNABLE_INT(path, var) \
    _TUNABLE_INT((path), (var), __LINE__)
    #define _TUNABLE_INT(path, var, line) \
    __TUNABLE_INT((path), (var), line)

    #define __TUNABLE_INT(path, var, line) \
    static struct tunable_int __tunable_int_ ## line = { \
    path, \
    var, \
    }; \
    SYSINIT(__Tunable_init_ ## line, SI_SUB_TUNABLES, SI_ORDER_MIDDLE, \
    tunable_int_init, &__tunable_int_ ## line)

    #define TUNABLE_INT_FETCH(path, var) getenv_int((path), (var))

    extern void tunable_quad_init(void *);
    struct tunable_quad {
    const char *path;
    quad_t *var;
    #define TUNABLE_QUAD(path, var) \
    _TUNABLE_QUAD((path), (var), __LINE__)
    #define _TUNABLE_QUAD(path, var, line) \
    __TUNABLE_QUAD((path), (var), line)

    #define __TUNABLE_QUAD(path, var, line) \
    static struct tunable_quad __tunable_quad_ ## line = { \
    path, \
    var, \
    }; \
    SYSINIT(__Tunable_init_ ## line, SI_SUB_TUNABLES, SI_ORDER_MIDDLE, \
    tunable_quad_init, &__tunable_quad_ ## line)

    #define TUNABLE_QUAD_FETCH(path, var) getenv_quad((path), (var))

    extern void tunable_str_init(void *);
    struct tunable_str {
    const char *path;
    char *var;
    int size;
    #define TUNABLE_STR(path, var, size) \
    _TUNABLE_STR((path), (var), (size), __LINE__)
    #define _TUNABLE_STR(path, var, size, line) \
    __TUNABLE_STR((path), (var), (size), line)

    #define __TUNABLE_STR(path, var, size, line) \
    static struct tunable_str __tunable_str_ ## line = { \
    path, \
    var, \
    size, \
    }; \
    SYSINIT(__Tunable_init_ ## line, SI_SUB_TUNABLES, SI_ORDER_MIDDLE, \
    tunable_str_init, &__tunable_str_ ## line)

    #define TUNABLE_STR_FETCH(path, var, size) \
    getenv_string((path), (var), (size))

    void net_warn_not_mpsafe(const char *component);
    #define NET_NEEDS_GIANT(component) \
    SYSINIT(__net_warn_not_mpsafe_ ## __FILE__, \
    SI_SUB_SETTINGS, SI_ORDER_SECOND, net_warn_not_mpsafe, component);

    struct intr_config_hook {
    TAILQ_ENTRY(intr_config_hook) ich_links;
    void (*ich_func)(void *arg);
    void *ich_arg;

    int config_intrhook_establish(struct intr_config_hook *hook);
    void config_intrhook_disestablish(struct intr_config_hook *hook);


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    gore, I luvs ya (in a paternal way....thank you) but some times you are too easy.

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    Nice touch I won't post the answer it's in a pm, but that was a hoot.
    And I too was bored so you gave me something to do for a while.

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    PM sent so as not to ruin it for anyone else -


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