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Thread: FreeSBIE 1.1

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    FreeSBIE 1.1

    FreeSBIE 1.1 was released on December 6, 2004. This is a nice live FreeBSD cd. You have a choice between fluxbox, or xfce. Both of them look sweet on my older computer, and the apps. load up pretty quick for a live cd. It also includes an installer for those that want to load it onto their hardrive. I have not tried the installer yet, so I can't give you any idea how well that works.

    If you want to check out what freebsd is all about, then this is for you. Burn an iso image to cd, put cd into your cdrom drive and reboot.
    If you go with fluxbox and have never used it, right click on the desktop and a drop down menu appears for the apps that are included.


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    Looks like a pretty sweet distro. I'm downloading now.

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