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Thread: not a security q plz read tho

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    not a security q plz read tho

    i posted in the general cc forum but got no results. im having problems with this:
    im looking for Linux drivers for my Westell DSL USB modem, i know they are out there somewhere....i found them once back when i was trying to get things going but they wanted like 45$ for the 50k file.....talk about rape.

    i dont know if the good guys actually read the general cc forum or not but im sure one of you could possibly help me find them. and i dont want posts like "get a NIC card" :P
    i cant afford one, im broke and its hard to even pay for inet. perhaps one of you gurus are good at writing drivers for linux? if anyone can help i will like...uhhh, cyber you? ;o

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    This might not be of much help, but have you tried another linux distro to see if it will work? This person said they had it working until they upgraded their kernel.

    What have you tried and what distro are you using?

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