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  • I know a reasonable amount on computer security - and would/do use online banking

    44 75.86%
  • I know a reasonable amount on computer security - and would never use online banking

    7 12.07%
  • I know little or nothing in that area - and would/do use online banking

    7 12.07%
  • I know little or nothing in that area - and would never use online banking

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    How many Members Are Women

    Say have you ever thought how many antionline members are female?

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    Flash M0nkey
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    nope cant say i ever have

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    why, are you looking for a date ;-)?

    i'm a male btw.

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    AO bergeek phishphreek's Avatar
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    As soon as I saw the title... I knew which side 妯py展ght would be listed under.
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    This could be considered an unfair question seeing that we oculd have transexuals, men trapped in females bodies, females trapped in men's bodies, metrosexuals, and many others. Perhaps instead of a poll you should have a rating from one to ten on how male or female are you?

    Edit: Did i mention i'm still drunk from last night?

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    ********** |ceWriterguy
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    Edit: Did i mention i'm still drunk from last night?
    No, but the several posts of yours I've read just now kinda made it obvious...

    san_debo2, I've addressed you nicely in a different thread here, but now it's time to get a bit not so nice. We have a term for folks who come around fishing for females. It's called HNG. By this post you come dangerously close to wearing that brand, one which, I might add, never goes away. The few (precious few) females who are here don't really like the idea of you calling attention to them, or asking them to call attention to themselves. They're here to post their ideas on SECURITY, not being female. That being said, come up with a better topic and I might green you to remove the reds I just assigned.
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    ... metrosexuals, and many others.
    .. and there is ppl still complaining about those GCC threads. They are so usefull for me. Ive just learned a new word:
    Metrosexual, a portmanteau combining "metropolitan" and "heterosexual", was first used in 1994 by British journalist Mark Simpson, who coined metrosexual (and its noun, metrosexuality) to refer an urban heterosexual male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. He is the fashion-conscious target audience of men's magazines

    When i read this word at first time, i thought it was about some one that has a fetish about have sex on subways, lol (subway here is called METROpolitan train)
    Meu s癃io

    FORMAT C: Yes ...Yes??? ...Nooooo!!! ^C ^C ^C ^C ^C
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    Huckin' no good? Have No Gift? Hauling No Girls?

    Enlighten me someone.. please.
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    Have No Guts to find one IRL ?
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