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    Remote AIM

    Does anybdy know of any program with which i could check my AIM messages i received while being away from the computer from another computer ? or and plug in or something ? I tired a couple but when i try to log in by IM'ing me with the password it says Login Failed, incorrent password used. but the password was correct, so im guessing the program is having issued ...

    i attached the program i used (if anybody wants to see if it works)

    i also tried middle_man but it also had some issues with those new updated AIM's, they haven't updated middle_man to work with the new versions of AIM yet ...
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    If you are on the same lan as your target aim machine then you could use a program like deadaim or aimplus. These programs keep logs and you could simply share the log folder and connect to it when you wanted review the messages that others have sent to you. Or you could use a remote solution such as VNC to see your whole remote machines screen as if you were sitting in front of it. (Sorta like win2k3 terminal services except with 1 tty) This way you could reply to the messages from where they are located.

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