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Thread: Setting up a Repeater

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    Setting up a Repeater

    I'm working on boosting the signal on our wireless network here, and I just want to throw what I've done to you guys to see if I did it right, as this is my first time setting up a repeater.

    Our AP is a USR5450 router. By itself, it covers everyone upstairs very well, but the signal becomes very weak downstairs. So, I bought another one and just configured it as a repeater. So here's how I set it up:

    (1) Pointed the repeater to the MAC address of the AP.
    (2) Added the MAC address of the repeater to the allowed list on the AP (we have MAC filtering configured).
    (3) Both AP and repeater use a short preamble.

    Now as far as security settings, I have assumed that I should simply duplicate the security configuration on the repeater, so I've done just that:

    (1) Repeater uses exact same 128 bit WEP as the AP.
    (2) Both AP and repeater use shared keys.
    (3) Both AP and repeater have SSID broadcast disabled.

    Only thing I have left to do is to duplicate the MAC filtering list for the repeater. Now, I don't know if it's necessary to duplicate security settings on the repeater in order to keep the network secure, or if the settings on the router are automatically passed on through the repeater, so I figured duplicating would be the "err on the side of caution" approach. If you guys can fill me in on that for sure, it would clear things up considerably.

    So it looks like it's working. I have the repeater sitting here downstairs in my office and a laptop connected via wireless sitting right beside. However, despite that I don't have a 100% connection, but it is considerably improved nonetheless.

    What do you all think?

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    You can also add a 1watt amp to the antenna to increase signal strength. The antenna's also uncrew so you can use larget ones instead of those little duck tails.

    Otherwise you did everthing as well as it can be done.

    Check out airbridges they are kind of expensive but work very well.

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    One downside of wireless repeaters, though, is that they reduce throughput on the WLAN. A repeater must receive and retransmit each frame on the same RF channel, which effectively doubles the number of frames that are sent. This problem compounds when using multiple repeaters because each repeater will duplicate the number of frames sent. Thus, be sure to plan the use of repeaters sparingly.
    Just a thought .. did you survey the location for the repeater before it was setup.. If it cant hear the AP then it can't retransmit valid data..
    is useing different antenners an option on the particular Repeater? most antenners don't hear to well directly above and below themselves.. ie if the repeater is directly below the AP.
    Also you could be suffering hidden transmitter syndrome.. that is where your Repeater is trying to relay back to the AP, but the data is transmitted over by an other source that your repeater can't hear..

    so.. 1/ you need a good Rx signal at the repeater to do any good
    2/ consider the likleyhood of heavy users above blocking your repeaters' signal
    3/ would it be better to use 2 AP's , one on each floor..ok will require panel antenners, and cable to the lower level

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