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Thread: The ultimate Christmas gift from your boss?

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    Smile The ultimate Christmas gift from your boss?

    Just wondering what the ultimate, perhaps magical, gift from your boss would be to make your life easier?

    Example: Management buys into the concept the IT security is important not just a pain or users thinking before opening attachments.
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    A better job.
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    Over due Holiday leave..
    and a weekend off each month..

    and Brain Implants for the L-users.. better yet..Brains for the L-users

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    I hate to sound like Salome, before she did the dance of the seven veils............but his head on a silver plate would be nice............tend to get a bit fed up of leftover turkey, this time of the year

    moana: please take my advice.........Striek has it right, you see, if you don't have job satisfaction you soon get fed-up after the bonus has been spent so the money isn't as important as the responsibility and other job qualities.

    If you have an interesting job, with respect and responsibility, the money will follow...........insofar as it can wherever you happen to be working


    EDIT: Sorry Whatthe I left out your bit:

    users thinking before opening attachments
    I would settle for just the first two of those words. Those on the systems development and applications side of the industry have identical problems..........the users don't put the time in to think through their requirements. Hey, if we wanted to be magicians we would wear black Tuxedos and appear on TV....right?

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    I don't even have a boss now ...

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    Wait Copyright wouldn't that be the best gift. Not having a boss at all or perhaps being your own boss. Hell what am i talkin about i'm about to get engauged my days are numbered.

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    While we're all wishing... a job that paid moderately-well and I liked and that fit with my college hours.

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    The perfect gift from my boss?

    Easy enough - her, coated in chocolate, and a nice loooong time with no phone interruptions....

    Oh - you meant my employer!
    That's easy too - approval on the retraining I'm wanting instead of the waiting games we've been playing with each other.
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    Easy enough - her, coated in chocolate, and a nice loooong time with no phone interruptions....
    Hmmmm, I never figured you for a chockaholic?............I prefer vanilla ice cream

    Yeah, training is a big issue..................not to worried about myself, but you spend a fair bit of time recruiting junior staff, and they want to move on and up...............?

    Nothing wrong with that...........so if you can get them on the courses, and they get the certs, you can propose decent pay rises?............it's called "continuity"............

    That said, I am about to embark on a teaching qualification (night classes).............so when I talk to the training people I have the same weapons & ammo ?

    There is actually a major break in the project cycle there! You do all the development stuff and the training goes to HR (Human Remains as I call them ) who send them on a software suppliers' course. This teaches them how to do all the fancy stuff, but NOT how to use it to do their jobs? I guess you might as well trash the "user requirements specification" bit of the project?

    /end rant

    POSTSCRIPT: Maybe I should change my image from bill the cat, to catbert..........the HR director from Hell?

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