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Thread: The World of OS Elitism

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    The World of OS Elitism

    Most of you already know how I feel about OSs. "The Arrogant Elitist for SUSE and Slackware Linux" has been pointed my way, and I can agree easily with that.

    But what about you? What about others? What OS are you a zealot or elitist with? Do you have one? Why are you an elitist with that OS?

    It should be obvious how I feel:


    Some are the same here:





    I don't think anyone here are heavy VMS users mainly because I haven't gotten any threats in my PM box, but for some reason VMS users are completely against UNIX.

    Read this:


    These people seem to me like they don't like UNIX because they can't type properly. Everything on here I've read for the most part and they all bitch and moan about UNIX because it was "so hard to learn and I deleted a days worth fo work because I made a mistake".... That's nice, you hate something because you're a ****ing moron?

    Learn to type when you're executing something in a shell.

    I like how Microsoft got their grubby paws on this too:



    Wait.... Isn't this the SAME company who made that web page "We have the way out" that was meant for the users of UNIX ? And then the web page was found out to be running on a Free BSD server? Hmmmm, "We have the way out of the hell that is Unix, just don't do a Netcraft on our page because we are running it to!".... Jack ass.

    And I don't think it's a secret anymore that Microsoft use Solaris and Free BSD internally. Every person I've ever talked to that has been inside a Microsoft building has told me the horror within. I don't believe every word of it but it doesn't seem to much of a shock either.

    From what I've heard, Office 97 and 2000 were both done at the exact same time and they were running both niside but only released 97 so they could find most of the bugs. Now I'm not sure how true that is but ti wouldn't shock me, Microsoft business practices are more shady than an apple orchard. I guess Pun intended.

    So what do you all think of any of this?

    Another thing I really can't stand about these **** ups on UNIX haters:

    They complain about the programs needing to many resources..... And on another page they admit to which OSs THEY use..... Mac OS and Windows are listed..... How in the bloody cold depths of OS HELL do you complain about resource hogging..... Yuo know if I wrote these guys an E-Mail I think I could light my smokes with it.

    UNIX Haters should where esbestos (SP?) suits. Flame Retardent is something they need because they are ****ing flaming retards.

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    I'm not elitists to any OS, I will give them all a go and know a bit about all of them, I have however done some courses and am studying for my mcse in server 2003, So needless to say it is the one I am using all the time at the moment . At work we don't use any *nix so M$ is what I use most of and am most comfortable with.

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    Nice article. I like alternate_heaven (Syini666)'s article (http://anotherlamesite.com/article.p...41201195630729) on ALS about OS eletism. He points out, everyone thinks what they use is the best. They've just been hit with another case of that I guess.. :P

    I like the bit about Microsoft using Solaris and FreeBSD internally. Heh. I thought they ran Windows 2003 on their servers though?

    Ah... the joys of OS wars!

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    I am a windows user, always have been, but I can hop on a *nix box and work my way around fairly well, as well as on Mac OS. To be a computer you should know the basics of most computers, you dont need to be a master of them all but should atleast know the basics. EVERY OS has something that it does very well, none do everything perfectly so to use only one would be stupid =)
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.


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    Heh, I've got around 70 OSs.... Most are BSD and Linux, but Solaris and BeOS and DOS are the ones that are a bit different than the usual Windows and Linux World I'm used to. I can use all of those very well with or without a GUI. I'd use Mac OS if I had a Mac but I don't so I don't.

    Maybe one day I'll piss off some Mac user bad enough they buy me a Mac

    Now you said every OS has something it does very well and for the most part I agree...

    What about Windows ME? Well, you're right I guess, it reboots really well.

    MCSE... Heh, I'll be nice, but remember "Must Check with Someone Else".

    Server OSs should be UNIX like. Windows as a server is stupid at best. I probably should paste my paper I've been writing about this.

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    Windows ME had a nice registry snapshot (recovery feature) that windows 98 etc before it didn't (If I remember correctly, which I may not)

    I in no way am sticking up for Windows ME tho

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    an OS thread... brace yourselves.

    Take away IE and reboots, then XP w/ SP2 is an incredible OS.

    MS has learned some very important lessons the hard way these past 2 years. I expect some great software from them in the future, and I am looking forward to Longhorn.

    IF MS learns from it's mistakes, which I expect it will.

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    I'm not elitist, despite what some people may think. Seriously, I've viewed as a HUGE windows elitist because I'm constantly standing up for it. No, that's all wrong. I strongly prefer slackware.

    I give each and every OS a chance, learning as I go to understand it's capability. The only reason I end up standing up for Windows all the time is because of how little people actually know about it and it's deeper workings... but how much unlearned people will bash on it. I'd do the same for Linux/Unix/Solaris if people starting saying untrue/biased/false things about it.

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    I'm certainly not elitist, I just like gentoo and slackware alot, cause it works good for me ...

    Like pooh kinda said, despite people thinking i only use gentoo, I used and compared a damn lot of distros and I just always come back to gentoo as my favorite, although I have slackware and win2k actively on @ home aside my gentoo. I use the win2k merely for gaming as I use the slack to keep track and expand the linux-feeling.

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    For elitism, I have never been one to say one is better than the other. (Wait check that, yes I have.)

    I will say that I a big fan of working on the RH9 kernel. That is one of my present projects. (Don't ask)

    As for being completely an elitist. The only thing I can say I might be one for is Knoppix-STD. I really love that OS. Honestly one day, I am going to look at the source and edit it.

    Hey Pooh, just out of curiousity is TheTao done yet?

    Oh yeah, and if you are going to be an elitist, I personally have to say, I am common to say really good things about FreeBSD. Unfortunately, this is finals week, so my free time is short. I can go down the list for liking that OS. I will later on, after my last final.

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