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    I certainly think that "resigned" and possibly "deceased" are a good idea.

    I know that it sounds sentimental, but some of us may wish to honour our dead?

    My £0.02

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    I really like the "Retired" idea

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    Yeah, I hate being "banned."

    I would much prefer to either have D0pp139an93r "Retired", or just reactivated.

    I think this is a good suggestion as many members have left honorably and amicably.

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    [quote]or just reactivated.[/qupte]

    Wait what ? Don't you mean DE-activated ?
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    Quick Note : If we would be fun that "Retired" doesn't get their post hidden.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Originally posted here by ©opy®ight
    Flipped out banned ...
    Which would be on like....all of your previous accounts. Btw, long time no see.

    I like this idea. I'm especially a fan of Moxnix's idea of having a "retired" label b/c it doesn't seem quite right for someone that asked to have their account removed to be labeled as "banned" b/c there is a slight distinction. "Deceased" would be so much more fun though.... New people to the site would be like "omg that's so sad..."

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