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    Post www.topspywareremovers.com


    91% of Computers are Infected by Spyware & Adware Viruses


    There are many different spyware/adware removers on the market. Many of them claim to 100% completely remove all pestering bugs such as adware, spyware, malware, trojans, spybot, viruses, hijakcers, & Keyloggers. Many of the latest threats slow down your PC, cause it to crash, record your credit card numbers and more. Many of the well known firewall & virus softwares don't even completely remove the lastest threats. After testing a few dozen different softwares we found five which we consider good to use and meet our guidlines, although we highly recommend Noadware & Pal Spyware Removers as out top picks. They both detect the widest range of threats.
    Found this page on my travels.
    It says it lists FIVE, but only FOUR on page ?
    Maybe spyware got it

    Just seems like a good place to try different ones, find the one that suits you.
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    If you ask me, Ad\Spyware removers cannot be run by a for-profit organization. Who is to say what is adware and what isn't? If MS classify's buisness x's product as adware, x can say, "Hey, they agreed to our EULA and we have a right to be there! You have no right to classify us as 'Adware'"

    Then lawsuits can follow. In the end, corporate Ad\Spy removal software will avoid those lawsuits by not removing certain types of ad\spyware, therefore hurting the product.

    Adware removal has to be in a position where the signature writers can freely stamp a software as Adware/Spyware/Malware without being threatened. It obviously isn't happening now, but when a giant like MS starts adware removal, there will be lawyers trying to make a big buck.

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    Also note that none of the apps featured on this page appear to have gotten good reviews on Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites by Eric L. Howes.

    In fact, several of the apps on this page are the same thing, merely marketed differently:
    Spyware C.O.P. & NoAdware

    I would not recommend any of the apps on this page to anyone.

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    Here's in short what I think:
    Every "simple home user" nowadays is advised to install AdAware and Spybot... If I were an advertizer, I would make sure that my ad-software/scumware/whatever-you-call-it gets around those two.

    I personally can't wait until some "real" company comes out with a decent anti-spyware solution. Give me one that doesn't solely depend on some lousy definitions that depend on "open source volunteer" people (no offense guys ), and I'll be happy to buy OEM versions/licenses for it. But let's face it: advertizers have m(b)illions of dollars, and you're going to fight them with volunteerism?

    SPYWARE-FIGHTERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! (And form a decent company with 24/7 support, OEM licenses and all that jazz, put money into it,...). How retarded is all that "boot into safe mode and run it from there" stuff?!? And how hard can it be to write something that just does what it's supposed to do? I'd do it myself, but I can't program

    I started using ZeroSpyware about a week ago (categorized as rogue by Howes, but read the footnote before you make a judgment), and I like it... it's a corporate solution, has updates when AdAware is still asleep, and seems to do the job...

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