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    To any Cygwin users

    Im trying to download some Cygwin packages from my local FTP server ( this has to be done by running the Cygwin setup executable) to my root Cygwin directory, however, whenever I go to download another one, the Cygwin FTP server says I havent downloaded the first cygwin package ??? What could be the issue here ???

    many thanks

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    I tried to understand what you say but I failed.

    You say that you give the path for downloading from your ftp server which is a mirror of some kind to cygwin distro? Does it have there a ini file since that is a must? setup.ini.

    Next, if you do get the packages downloaded and then u try to download some other packages the uninstalled package will appear as "new" if you didn't install it before and it will be put in the "download list" but it wont actually download the file - just watch once which packages are downloaded.

    Anyway, if you do have a local ftp server with cygwin - I dont see why you need to download those files on your hard-drive and just choose "install from internet" and give the proper link.

    I dont recall seeing some info on how to setup a "installation server" of cygwin but do try to search the mailing list.

    If this doesnt cover your actual problem, give some more info on "what actually are you doing".

    Good luck.

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    Hi ghostinruins

    I realised that I didnt look hard enough in the 'Install from internet' option. I downloaded from that and the problem was resolved. thanks for taking some time into looking into this though.


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