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Thread: wareout scanner removal

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    wareout scanner removal

    has any person managed to get rid of this without reinstalling everything, someone help me, Please.

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    Follow the link :
    Fill in the details :
    Repost the query :

    You will get a better response, quicker, if you give more information soonest.


    I cannot reply to any post that gives out too little info, and judging by responses by others here on AO, most of the rest agree.
    The link is to a sticky [thread that will remain at the top of forum without time limit]
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    WareOut is a packaged or downloadable program claiming to be the “Best anti spyware for best price. Thumbs up!”

    In reality it is listed with:

    http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm as another Rogue/Suspect
    Anti-Spyware Product.

    It was added to the list on 12/11. It is listed as an:

    aggressive advertising (1); false positives work as goad to purchase; uses inadequate ref database
    More information about it can be found at:

    WareOut Spyware Remover

    WareOut should have an uninstall option in the menu, if it doesn’t please let us know so we can help you remove it.
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    Hi Alison,

    What operating system are you using?...........like Windows 98, 98 Second Edition, Millenium Edition?.XP, NT4?

    We can help, but we need to know if it will run on your box?

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    Wareout does come with an un install option under add/remove programs. That does not get rid of it though. Everytime I tried changhing my brower back to msn.com it would go back to about:blank to some search page as my home page. Also Random pop ups like some strip poker site, and warnings from Microsoft Firewall and some scanner pop up saying I was insecure. Wareout comes with at least 3 virues, Backdoor Agent B, Backdoor Berbew, and a Trojan Downloader. Nortan caught these, but the pop ups and browser hijacking remained. I had duel operating systems, and the attempt to load into safe mode with F8 did not work, so under Linux, I accessed my Windows directory which Linux can read, write and delete, found another thead, searched for some dll files and exe files, there were several, ifcfg.dll, setvers.exe or .dll I forget, but there were afew of them. Deleted the ones I found, then booted off Windows again, set my browser back to msn.com, and unlike before. It keeps my homepage, no pop ups saying I have 16 spyware apps on my computer, et. Nortan Antivirus probably did not detect them because Wareout comes with viruses, trojans, and ripoff malware as its called, basicly spyware remover stuff thats fake. I forget what the thread is on here that displays some of the files. But by deleting them under safe mode, or from a dueled operating system that can get in your windows partition should help, it worked for me, if only I could remember all the files I deleted. I found them by searching the day my computer first started acting up. Everything downloaded off a webpage automaticly, when I was still installing stuff from a HD upgrade, So I disabled autoprotect, which might have saved me from time figuring out what was wrong. But I needed to do with installing certain stuff. The rule is, if you have auto protection, and you are online, make sure its enabled, and have a firewall. If you need to disable autoprotect, unplug your broadband cable!!! My version of Linux comes with a firewall that configures itself upon installation, under Windows I just have anti virus, and I should get a firewall. Who knows what worse stuff is out there, an app that modifies your system bios that burns up your motherboard literally. Why now i have Linux, I browse off there since exe files will not execute under Linux, and is immune to 99 percent of the bad stuff out there, plus a built in firewall and virus scanning. My best idea if you are having trouble, and saw a sweeper icon with wareout, uninstall it, dont run it, someone said it deleted all their outlook mail, corrupted their command.com file, and modified the init file to delete all windows files on reboot. Wareout is a scam, if you see the sweeper icon and noticed stuff. Run a virus scan first if you have nortan to kill the Trojans and downloaders, and make sure your phone/cat cable is disconnected from having something summoning more bad stuff on your computer. Then search for another thread related to wareout, dont know the exact url, it had abunch of file names. Delete those files under safe mode, or like me under Linux, and at least for me the problems were gone. No more false Windows Firewall your system is compromised warnings, etc. Or Strip poker ads that pop up every few minutes, and You have 16 spyware applications on your computer! Click OK to see anti spyware applications, which they are all rouge applications that charge $30 or more. There is another thread on here, find it, delete the files that are listed and you should be fine. Just do it under safe mode, or Linux if you have duel OS's. If I just remembered what I saw earlier.

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