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Thread: Basics of programming?

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    Basics of programming?

    I am starting to program and I have C++ and perl. First off, I need to learn how to program...is there an "idiot's guide to programming" or something else that is really really really basic that starts from scratch online??

    Also, which is better(or which should I use): Perl or C++? And just a few last random questions: how do you program in a button on a calculator? Should I start with a simpler program BEFORE I even take a shot at perl or C++?

    Thanks for reading (and hopefully answering) my rambling post.

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    There are tutorials all over the net. Just do some searches. As for which language out of Perl or C++, I think that's for you to decide. Do a bit of reading on both. Test a few apps and write a few of your own. Think if what you would like to do and which language you can do it with easiest, or in some cases at all. I am able to learn on my own to an extent, but I much prefer taking classes in school to learn stuff. You may be the opposite, but if not I recommend you take a look at your local college and see which courses they have, or see if they offer any programming courses at your school if you're lower than college level. As for your calculator question, I haven't a clue, but I'm sure you can dig up some info on it.

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    not to be a dick about it but there is a search fundtion and this has been dragged up time and tiume on the boards.


    edit >> errr wtf should be link to tutorial index o.O how did i edn up pinting to a long dead alt.forum??? hmmm will look out proper link now

    actually Negs Tutorial index is prolly a better one to check out >> http://www.neg.be/index/?c=6

    about half way down there is a programming section


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    Valhallen, I checked out your link and every post said this:
    This person has been banned from AntiOnline, and as a result, all of their posts have been marked as Hidden. The user was banned for a reason, so this post may: promote illegal activities, contain flames, off topic content, and less-than-family-friendly language, among other things.
    As for which language out of Perl or C++, I think that's for you to decide. Do a bit of reading on both. Test a few apps and write a few of your own.
    No, I mean learning straight from scratch...I don't even have a clue as to what the devil an "app" is!

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    Valhallen, I checked out your link and every post said this:
    check the edits - i messed up the linkage...my bad


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    If you have no programming knowledge at all then I would suggest you check out BASIC
    Basic is more of a learning tool than anything else, but it will give you a great starting place.

    Once you master basic I would suggest you learn everything you can about object oriented programming. What language you use is up to you. Here are a few oo links:
    http://www.uml.org/ UML is used for design, not for coding but it will give you the ability to easily layout software designs

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbasic/usi...d/default.aspx .NET
    http://java.sun.com/ Java
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    Hi Draxx

    Taking into account that you have c++ and perl available, and also that you wish to learn
    one of those, I recommend you to start with c/c++. There is no need to learn a "simpler"
    language in my opinion.

    I love perl quite much - and you can use it pretty efficiently in a broad range of
    application. The drawback, in my opinion, is that it obfuscates the meaning of a
    programming language by an extensive use of short-hand notations (perl programmers
    here might know what I mean, which does not necessarily mean that they agree ).

    Anyway, it also seems to me that you want to make, for example, use of the MFC classes
    (buttons, textboxes, ... ).
    Just a quick note: What are MFC classes. "Microsoft Foundation Classes" is a large library
    of C++ classes developed by Microsoft in order to putting up "applications that look like
    typical windows applications" MFC is not a programming language - it is built upon
    c++. (Trying to "answer" your remark about buttons on a calculator).

    I strongly recommend that you start to understand the basics of a programming language
    with so-called "console applications" which essentially run in the command shell
    environment (no graphics and so on).

    A very good basic introduction[1] has been written by white_scorpion.
    There is also an intermediate tutorial[2], by the same guy.


    [1] http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=263493
    [2] http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=264033
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    start with c programing and pm me for detail's and tut's it could take some time.....................
    smoking is really bad for ur PC....

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    Agh... Just got to love when programming questions about perl come up, and I happen to be away, not in the mood or just generally don't give a damn to answer them.

    Now that I am in an actual talking mood, I shall enlighten you.

    First off, there are so many differences between perl and C/C++ that is a bitch and a half. Trust me, I can code in both, and it is a pain converting perl to C++. A lot of things don't convert so you have to create really interesting ways to do it.

    Now as for which one to choose, that is a matter of personal preference. I personally say learn them both. They both have their benefits, they both teach you how to program.

    I will say however, if you absolutely must choose one to learn before the other. I say go with C++, you learn a couple bad habits with perl. That and OOP will make your perl code a lot easier, and better. IMHO.

    As for perl weakness being obfuscating everything. Yeah, you are right, I am not going to agree with you.

    Perl has plenty of weaknesses. Wway to many for me to talk about here, and way to few for me to write a descent tutorial on. (Well atleast not while I am being lazy)

    As for using the index to check for things, most of the stuff in the index is jacked up. To actually find half the tutorials in there, you have to do a search by either the exact topic. (I am not referring to programming) Or you have to use the person's name that wrote it.

    One last thing Draxx, if you are going to learn programming, I would recommend, not only getting books on perl and C++, but get general programming books.

    Once you learn the theory of programming, learning any language will become easy. All that is will be, is learning syntax.

    (That, I am actually working on, Pretty much all theory.) A book that would be pretty good for you would probably be, Introduction to Algorithms. I will say, wait to read it though. You are going to need to know atleast one language before you start it. It does not matter which langauge though.

    You yeah, ZC, I am proud of you, you didn't say java, I was going to have to come after you with my Universal Command Guide book(Very Heavy) , and hit you on the head with it, if you did say Java.

    Somewhere within the hell that is the tutorial index, there is a link to several tutorials on perl.

    As for websites to go to. I would say:

    Are the way to go.

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