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Thread: Practical labs to enhance skills

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    Practical labs to enhance skills

    I was wondering if anyone knows of links to sites or documents that offer:

    - Labs that can be implemented in a home env.
    - Projects that will help enhance skills
    - Any type of practical work labs to help increase knowledge

    Thanks for the help

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    What kinda labs?

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    coderecycle you post is a bit vague. But, iĺl explain my setup, basicially i have 2 networks, 1 for work/the internet and the other for learning/penatration testing/hacking (whatever you wanna call it) the second isnt connected to the net.

    the second consists of a whole lot of old computers (even a mac! brrrgh), with different OS and setups, and i use it to test out scenarios, host local wargames and generally much around with exploits and find out how they work.

    this in my eyes is fun, educational and 100% legal.

    hope that helped

    p.s. a while ago MSMittens posted a really good wargames doc (setup, implimentation), try searching for that.

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    Here is the lab that Ms. Mittins created. Its actually pretty good stuff. I have used this tutorial myself, with my students. Positive feedback was the result. :-)

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    Well if you really want to enhance your skills and desiging and developing networks and other related skills then download OPNET..... its a very good simulator 100% recommended to all you all.
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    Fanacool, it helps to provide the link: http://www.opnet.com/services/university/teaching.html (I think this is the one you're referring to -- note that it's free for students and educators)
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    Or perhaps, if you wanna build a lab @ your house to test it, install VMWare. It allow you to install couple of OS as you wish under an OS. It also allow you to do networking (NAT, Bridge) within them.

    What i have is just 2 PC, 1 install with Windows(XP, 2K and 2003-3 partition) and have Fedora C2 as my Virtual machine & another is Redhat, along with Windows 2K, + OpenBSD as my virtual machine. So in the mean time, i can have different OS to test out my work.

    You can just start with vmware workstation 1st, later get everything on hand and familiar, can try to manage them in vmware server too. Or Virtual PC is another alternative option.

    ^_^ enjoy learning
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