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Thread: running java prog. in eclipse

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    running java prog. in eclipse

    Hello guys
    I was just wondering if some can help me with the eclipse for java program.
    Actually i want to send the input to the program from the keyboard at the runtime.
    when we use dos prompt to comple java program we use:
    javac filename.java

    then when we run the program we use

    java filename

    and then when we send the input at the runtime we use:

    java filename input

    I am not able to do the third part in eclipse, i mean i do not know how to do it, can anyone help me.

    thank you
    Harbir Singh Hundal
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    In your eclipse run profile for the app you want to run, select the "Arguments" tab, and put in your arguments in the "program arguments" box. These are added to the run command, so you don't need to put in "java filename", just start with your arguments.
    Chris Shepherd
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    As you are typing the codes, it will detect syntax error of your codes and compiles it upon saving.
    Simple way to start your program. Goto your main/entry class, open it at the top of the ide there's a run shortcut, goto "run as ----> java application" that's it.

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