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Thread: Weird Tutorials List

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    Weird Tutorials List

    I don't know if this is a bug or is that ganja i smoke dstarting to kick in (just kidding) ..

    If you look at those two pictures i attached, and look at the lists i circled you'll notce that the usernames positions on the list change, the first page i opened and then i went to check my tmobile.com phone satus and opened AO on that browser window again and when i switched back to the first one i noticed the usernames changing. The time difference between those two windows being open may be around 2 minutes max....
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    It's a "tying" issue. There are 3 with 11 security tutorials and a couple with 8 tutorials. So it rotates their position in the list. Same thing in the Other Tutorials.
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    Well That explains it, Thanks !
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