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Thread: socket programming

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    socket programming

    My first question:

    Iíve been trying to learn socket programming for a while now. I've seen some tutorials that go into sockets with languages such as php, and c++. Tutorials are great and everything, but I only know what sockets can do in programming, nothing about types is known by me. I was wondering if someone could recommend me to tutorial or a book that goes from basics--describing what sockets can do and onto how to create them.

    My second question:

    If I have been exposed to php already, what language should I learn to create actual windowís programs? Iíve seen c++, and it is very similar to php, should I choose to learn c++ rather than phyton on visual basics. Only reason Iím asking is because people have told me c++ is very complex to the novice. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    first of all it is very difficult to tell what is the best language, every person would tell 'his' language is the best.

    all i can tell you is that i have choosen to learn C as my first language, this because it is platform independend, well documented and very powerful for a high level language.

    also i prefer the C code above C++ since it looks more logical.
    so i would choose C as you can see

    now staying with this language there are many tutorials about socket programming in C, take a look at the tutorials on this site, it has multiple C tutorials about sockets for both windows and linux.
    also a quick google search gives many tutorials, like this.

    i hope this helps.

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