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Thread: Windows 2000 Pro User recovery

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    Windows 2000 Pro User recovery

    A friend of mine gave me a peculiar problem
    He has windows 2000 Professional with one administrator account and another account with administrator rights.
    Now from the second account he deleted the administrator account and after that also changed the group of second account from Administrators to User group.

    So now there is no account left on the system with administrative privilages.
    Any possible way of recovering the account. or changing the account to Administrators group.


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    At the very first page you come to at AO, at the top right hand side of the screen, you will find a place to 'search the forums.' I suggest you do so. There are a slew of threads in there which tell you how to recover a deleted admin account, recover lost admin pass, etc.
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    Add the user management plugin.

    You have to be an admin.

    EDIT: Wait, the admin account is gone? Delete the security hive. Windows will automatically create a blank Administrator account.

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