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Thread: thinking abut bugs

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    thinking abut bugs

    i was browsing on the internet and i found on a website
    a trick on how to stop time in minesweeper
    here is the trick:

    it is a good funny one, but this is not my point
    my point is immagine, even in minesweeper those ppl found a bug...
    that made me think 2 different things:

    1-oh, my god...
    i can't even trust microsoft to do a decent small game how can i trust it for my Operating System = my system(s), my DATA...almost all my work, my life :s

    2- if something is widely used than it is roughly tested, and of course ppl will find bugs or problems in it cuz nothing is perfect, who could have thought of the above trick for example???
    That means everything that is popular is not safe cuz of the discovered vulns, that will force to use non-popular softwares, but the popular softwares became popular cuz of their features... my end point is non-popular=not the best ones outthere.

    what do u think of the above?anything wrong in the logic?
    do u believe in a perfect code=bugless code, what helps create perfect codes(open source,code financing...)
    what idea do u think is right? 1 or 2 ? (poll)

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    Although bugs and vulnerabilities often occur in software, extensive testing before and after software releases are there to try to keep users safe. Patches are issued asap to secure found problems. I'm a lover of open source, but businesses exist to make money so I understand the existence of both.
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    first sorry, i did not submit the link to the trick :S
    here it is :

    i think no matter how hard u test the softwares, there will still be bugs
    read the above trick for example, there is no way someone can think of it
    and lot of testing, takes time, makes develpping softs slow
    and it is expensive, a major problem for buisness or commercial softwares

    good words hiddeninclouds...

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    Generally speaking, if you have enough time and resources you can crack anything. I think cracking mine sweeper is probably a waste of both but they probably learned a few things and didn't do anything illegal.
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