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Thread: New CCNA?

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    New CCNA?

    I'm now allowed to take the "CCNA" but my voucher for the older exam is no longer valid, has anyone taken the new test? I know the first test is based on OSI Model, Computer Hardware, Basic Protocols, all of the basics. Then the second test is based on "Advanced Trouble-shooting skills, IPX/SPX Protocols, ISDN, VPN's, some more advanced Networking information. But are there any other differences? Is it harder then the older one?

    Also, does anyone know of any good "Brain-Dump" Sites to help prepare for it?


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    To be honest I have only taken the bridge courses instead of the new ones. But let me elaborate on these.

    The bridge courses where themselves harder. Not only the questions were of a higher level. It now also includes questions where there is a need to give 2 or 3 anwsers instead of one .

    As always (or so i like to think at least) the material is explained clearly and in a usable way. some subjects have been added some have changed a bit and some have not been touched at all. The unchanged subjects did not come up in the bridge course.

    I do not know what you mean with a "brain dump" , but I have a feeling its not more then learning only enough to get the cert. And I really hope its not. (If you do a thing like that you diminish the value of the cert for others E.I. mcsa)

    Hope I clearyfied some of it for you.

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    Yea, you definatley did. I took that whole "Cisco Course" and as I was graduating from the course just as it was being changed- Didn't they add "CCNP" information to the "CCNA."

    The bridge course definatley proved to be alot harder then previous test, forcing you to really, really know what your talking about otherwise which isn't going to be fun to study for the new "CCNA". Eh, Thanks though.

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